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Aadarsh One who has principles
Aaditey Son of Aditi
Aakash the sky, vast like the sky
Aalok Cry of victory
Aashish blessings; Aashirwad
Abhay fearless
Abhibhava overpowering, powerful, victorious
Abhijat noble, wise
Abhijit one who is victorious
Abhijeet same as Abhijit
Abhinav quite new
Abhishek shower of milk/water over an idol
Achintya beyond comprehension
Achyuta indestructible
Aditya sun
Ajatashatru without enemies
Ajay unconquerable, invincible
Ajit. Ajeet unconquerable
Ajitabh one who has conquered the sky
Akash sky
Akhilesh lord of the universe
Akhilesh indestructible, immortal
Akshat uninjurable
Alok cry of victory
Amal bright, clean, pure
Amar forever, immortal
Ambar sky
Ameya boundless, magnanimous
Amish honest
Amit endless, boundless
Amitabh one with boundless splendour
Amitava same as Amitabh
Amitesh infinite god
Amogh unerring
Amol priceless, valuable
Amrit nectar
Amulya priceless
Anand bliss
Anant infinite
Anantram eternal god
Angada bracelet, brother of Wali and Sugreev
Anil god of wind
Anirudhha cooperative
Anish supreme
Ankit  conquered
Ankur sprout
Anoop incomparable, the best
Anupam incomparable
Anurag attachment, devotion, love
Anshul radiant
Anshuman Sun
Apoorva quite new
Arihant one who has killed his enemies
Arjun peacock
Arnav ocean, sea
Arun sun
Arvind lotus
Ashok one without sorrow
Ashwatthama fiery tempered
Ashwini one of the constallations
Aseem boundless, limitless (Asim)
Ashvin a cavalier
Atmajyoti light of soul
Atul matchless
Atulya unweighable, incomparable
Avinash indestructible
Avanindra king of the earth
Avanish god of the earth


Badrinath Lord of Mt.Badri
Badriprasad goft of Badri
Balram Krishna's brother
Baldev godlike in power
Balaaditya young sun
Balachandra young moon
Balakrishna young krishna
Balamani young jewel
Balamohan one who is attractive
Balaji a name of Vishnu
Bansi flute
Bhagirath one who brought Ganga on earth
Bhanu sun
Bhanuprasad gift of sun
Bharat India, universal monarch
Bharadwaj a lucky bird
Bhaskar sun
Bhadrak handsome
Bhadraksh one with beautiful eyes
Bhavesh lord of the world
Bhim fearful
Bhupen king
Bhupendra king of kings
Bhudev lord of the earth
Bhushan ornament
Bhuvan palace, one of the three worlds
Bhuvanesh lord of the worlds
Bindusar an excellent pearl
Bipin forest (Vipin)
Brijmohan Krishna
Brijesh god of the land of Brij
Buddhadev wise person


Chaitanya life, knowledge
Chaman garden
Chandra moon
Chandrahas bow of Shiva
Chandrak peacock feather
Chandrashekhar one who holds moon in his hair knot
Chandresh lord of the moon
Chandan sandalwood
Chapal quick
Charan feet
Charanjit one who has won over the lord
Charanjeet same as Charanjit
Charudutta born of beauty
Chetan life
Chidambar one whose heart is as big as the sky
Chinmay full of knowledge
Chintamani philosopher's stone
Chirag lamp
Chiranjeev longlived
Chitraksh beautiful eyed
Chittaranjan one who pleases the mind
Chittaswarup the supreme spirit
Chittaprasad happiness
Chudamani crest jewel

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