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What are different rounding options?
For each country phonecards are with different rounding options varing from 1 second rounding to 5 minutes rounding. 5 minutes rounding cards are cheaper than the 1 second cards.

What are 1 second rounding phone cards?
These cards are billed based on the usage in second. For example if you call for 30 seconds the card will be charged only for 30 seconds. Assuming the card rate is 10 cents/second, then you are chraged only 5 cents for this call.

What are 1 minutes rounding phone cards?
These cards are billed for every minute of usage. Even if you call for 20 seconds, you are charged for one minute.

What is 3 minute rounding?
The card is charged for every 3 minutes of usage. For example if you use the card for a 40 seconds call, your phone card is charged for three minutes. If you use the phonecard for 5 minutes 55 seconds call, the charges are for 6 minutes.

I still do not understand the difference between different rounding, how are they different?
Let us use some examples to explain it better. Assume there are 3 different phone cards with different rounding:

Phonecard Rate Rounding
1SECONDCARD 29 cents/sec 1 Second
1MINUTECARD 25 cents/sec 1 Minute
3MINUTECARD 20 cents/sec 3 Minute

Now check out the cost for these different scenarios for each card:

(i) 30 seconds call

Phonecard Cost for a 30 sec call  
1SECONDCARD 14.5 cents Cheapest
1MINUTECARD 25 cents  
3MINUTECARD 60 cents Expensive

(ii) 58 seconds call

Phonecard Cost for a 58 sec call  
1SECONDCARD 28 cents  
1MINUTECARD 25 cents Cheapest
3MINUTECARD 60 cents Most Expensive

(iii) 7 minutes call

Phonecard Cost for a 7 min call  
1SECONDCARD 203 cents Expensive
1MINUTECARD 175 cents Cheapest
3MINUTECARD 180 cents 9 minutes charges

(iv) 17 minutes call

Phonecard Cost for a 17 min call  
1SECONDCARD 493 cents Expensive
1MINUTECARD 425 cents  
3MINUTECARD 360 cents Cheapest

The above examples explain which cards are best under different situations. If you make long calls then go for the 3 minute billing phone card. For very short calls, 1SECONDCARD is best even though the per minute rates are more.

Our prepaid phone cards come with these different options so that you can choose the card perfect for your style.

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