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(Normally hidden under the fine prints)

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Many phone cards come with different types of fees. Do your homework before buying a card. Check out the fine prints for hidden fees before you decide to buy. Here is a list of different terms used for these fees:

Connection Fee
Some phone cards charge a fixed fees for every call you make called connection fee. The fee is deducted even if the call is for just a few seconds. The connection fee can be as high as a few dollars. Some of the cards which claim a very low rate such as 0.5cents/minute US domestic calls are sure to have a significant connection fee. Do not fall for these low rates because if the card is not used the optimum way, you stand to loose.

Maintenance Charges
Many cards charge a fee some days after first use. This fee is called maintenance fee and can vary from $0.25 to a dollar or so. If you buy these cards then you should plan to use them before the maintenance fee is charged else you will pay the charges which were never included in the per minute rate.

Phone Card Expiration
Some phone cards expire certain days after the first use. In such case you stand to loose all your remaining minutes. Be careful.

Payphone Surcharge
Most of the calling cards will charge a surcharge fee (typically $0.50) when you use a payphone to make a call.

Cell Phone Call Charges
Almost all international cards will charge you a much higher per minute rate if you make calls to a cellular phone. Be aware of this fact. If you have to call a cell phone then use a card which is specifically for cell phone calls.

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